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Me and the art I make.

Hello and welcome, my name is Ludvig Levin and this is my homepage.
Im from a smal village called Asker in Sweden outside of the city of Örebro. 
My artwork is of great variation especially when it comes to material. I mainly work with Watercolor painting, ink illustrations and ceramik sculptureing and jewelry crafting.
Most of my artworks is about telling a story, it could be a illustrated children's book, a runic pice of jewelry, a stone carving or even poem. They all tell a story with a lot of inspiration and roots to the traditional folk tales of Northern Europe. 
The main thing about my art is to take old traditions and rise them up with a modern light in a modern world.

Holding a Paintbrush
Clay Pot on Pottery Wheel
Splattered Paint
queen of gems.jpg
livets början startade i en spiral..JPG
in a land of giants.jpg
dance of the hidden folk
Ducks Over the Lake

Låt ingen visa spelas för sista gången. 

Utan rista in uråldriga runor i betongen.

Via mobilen spelar in och remixar troll sången.

Kom och lys upp det gamla med nytt ljus ty ingen kultur ska bli förgången. 

-Ludvig Levin.


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